Tuesday, June 19

Is This Your First Conference?

If you will be attending The International Encaustic Conference for the first time, on behalf of Cherie Mittenthal and myself, let me start with a big Welcome! This Conference is the longest-running event of its kind, the largest at close to 250 conferees annually, and the one with the greatest number of demos, talks, panels, exhibitions--everything!

The International Encaustic Conference is a professional conference, founded by and for professionals, with an ad hoc faculty of the best professional practitioners in the field today. However, we understand that professionals are made over time. Indeed, each of us has developed our esthetic sensibility as well as technical skill over many years. We understand how to best develop and direct both art beginnners as well as experienced artists who are new to the medium of encaustic. So if you are a newbie--either to art or to the medium--we want you to know that there's a place for you at The International Encaustic Conference.

Here are a few things to know:

The Conference takes place at The Provincetown Inn at One Commercial Street in Provincetown. The Inn, whose rooms are now fully booked (if you need accommodations, see this this list of alternative lodging ), has a number of function rooms. Mayflower and Beachside are the demo rooms; Harbor and Fore'n'Aft are where the talks take place. The Vendor Room is just off the lobby--follow the buzz.

When you register on Friday morning, you'll be given a bag with your schedule and a map of the premises. (At left is the bag from Conference 6). The info we provide will help you get around, but feel free to ask directions of anyone. We are a very friendly group. By noon on Friday you'll know where everything is (including the rest rooms).

Please note that on Friday morning from 10:45 to 11:15 Joanne and Cherie will hold a short Orientation in the Fore'n'Aft room. Come and say Hi, make some friends, and ask us anything.

If you are new to encaustic, we encourage you to attend two demos that we've scheduled especially for you.

Basics of Encaustic with Deborah Winiarski (right) will take place on Friday from 9:30-10:30.

Then, from 11:30-12:30, you'll have Introduction to Monotype with Pat Spainhour.

These two demos will give you an excellent grounding in the essentials of painting with encaustic, as well as an understanding of the terms you'll hear throughout the other demos and talks. Your Orientation is sandwiched between the two demos.

Even if you are an experienced painter or sculptor working in other mediums, if you haven't worked in encaustic before, plan to attend these two demos. We urge you to sign up for a variety of events--and not only demos, which give you a big dose of how,  but talks, which will expand your thinking about the what and why and help place encaustic in the discussion about contemporary art.

Of course you'll want to visit the Vendor Room, We've set up the schedule so that it's open before the first event in the morning and after the last event of the day. But in fact it's open all day.

There's no place like our Vendor Room. There is more than you can imagine and much that you will want to take home.

Coming and Going
Two rooms allow for easy entry and egress while presentations are underway: the Mayflower Room for demos, the Harbor Room for talks. Both large rooms have their entry in the back. While we don't encourage coming and going during the events each hour, we will not prevent it if you go quietly between these two rooms. However, we are adamant that once events get underway in Beachside or Fore'n'Aft, the rooms remain closed. This is because entry to or departure from these two latter rooms while a presentation is underway creates a disturbance that interrupts the presenters and annoys the other conferees. Please be considerate.

Wait, There's More!
Much more. We urge you to spend some time on this Conference blog. The Index of Posts on the sidebar (scroll up a bit) will live link you to any particular post you wish. Look for the list that resembles the one at right:

If you think you want to take a Pre- or Post-Conference workshop, check out the full range of offerings on the Castle Hill website. Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is about 10 miles away, a straight shot on Route 6 from The Provincetown Inn to Castle Hill. If you don't have a car, not to worry. Many conferees have cars, and we're pretty good about matching up those who are driving with those who need rides. There are still a few openings. Check them out!
If you would like to know more about Provincetown--where to eat, where the galleries are, or to learn more about this town's fabled history as the longest continuous art colony in the United States--click onto the link, About Provincetown, to learn more. 
The International Encaustic Conference has a long history of its own. A sister blogsite, A Brief History of the Encaustic Conference, gives you a year-by-year recap. Conference 6 is quite detailed. Spend some time with it to get a sense of what to expect for Conference 8.
Any Questions?
If you have any general questions about the Conference, post them here and I'll respond ASAP. If you have questions specifically related to your registration or event schedule, call Cherie or Annie at Castle Hill: 508-349-7511.

--Joanne Mattera, Founder/Director of The International Encaustic Conference

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