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Come Early! There are 7 Pre-Conference Workshops
Stay late! There are 18 Post-Conference Workshops

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All the workshops take place on the campus of Truro Center for the Arts as Castle Hill. Don't have a car? Don't worry. We car pool, give lifts, share rides.

These workshops are sold out:
. Pre Conference: Paula Roland and Jennie Frederick, Monoprinting with Kozo Fiber Stencils
. Pre Conference: Heather Hutchison, Working from Within
Pre Conference: Hylla Evans, Color Theory & Mixing
. Post Conference: Kenise Barnes, Critique and Professional Practices
. Post Conference: Dan Addington, From Studio to Gallery
. Post Conference: Lisa Mackie, Solar Plate & Encaustic.
. Post Conference: Binnie Birstein, Encaustic Collograph
. Post Conference: Cat Crotchett, Batik Tools and Encaustic Painting

One or two spots left:
. Pre Conference: Miles Conrad, Off the Wall: Encaustic in Three Dimensions
Pre Conference: Corina Alvarezdelugo, Textural Effects w/ Mixed Media
. Post Conference: Lisa Pressman, Finding your Mark with Cold Wax & 
. Post Conference: Gregory Wright, Pigment Wizardry
. Post Conference: Laura Moriarty: Excavating Encaustic
. Post Conference: Susan Lasch Krevitt, Texture and Dimension-
. Post Conference: Nancy Natale, Bricolage--2 spots left!
. Post Conference: Jeff Hirst, Screenprinting onto/into Encaustic-

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. Post.
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All Pre- and Post-Conference events will take place at Castle Hill. If you're in a workshop, you'll have time to finish up before the event, and if you're coming especially for a talk, you'll be able to spend some time viewing the two exhibitions on the Castle Hill campus.

. Thursday, June 5: Opening receptions for the Conference Juried Show, Subliminal, juried by Dan Addington, and a Conference Curatorial Project, Material Consequences, curated by Susan Lasch Krevitt and Nancy Natale, will take place at Castle Hill, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

. Monday, June 9:  Discussion, The Affinities Between Fiber and Wax, with Conference presenters fluent in both mediums: Cat Crotchett, Jennie Frederick, Lorraine Glessner, and Susan Lasch Krevitt, with Marci Rae McDade, editor in chief of Surface Design Journal

. Tuesday, June 10: A talk by Material Consequences curators, who will be joined by exhibiting artists Jeff Hirst and Lisa Zukowski and perhaps others, 5:00 sharp to 6:00.

. Wednesday, June 11: Artists' Open Mic hosted by Wayne Montecalvo
Says Wayne: "In the spirit of an Open Mic, artists are offered the chance to give a short presentation on things they have a passion for. The only requirement is that the 'passion' not include encaustic paint. Time slots will be broken down into a 5 minute presentation and a five minute audience Q&A. This is intended to be a fun, non judgmental forum for sharing our creative work in other mediums and disciplines. Due to time constraints and so many other post-con happenings, this event will be limited to six presenters on a first come first serve basis, however, at the time of this posting, we still have room for one, perhaps two more artists who would like to share something (anything).
Presenters so far are Wayne Montecalvo, Pamela Wallace, Pam Winegard, Margaret Bertrand and Laura Moriarty

Yes, this is Wayne himself with chapeau and accordion

If interested in presenting/performing, please contac, Wayne Montecalvo at, and write the phrase “Artists Open Mic” in the subject line.

. Thursday, June 12: Closings for Subliminal and Material Consequences, 4:00 to 6:00. Weather permitting we'll relax on the back deck

The evening events are free to all conferees and their significant others, whether or not you're enrolled in the workshops.